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Application for recruitment to a vacant post


Name of vacant position:

Senior Accountant

The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

- Maintaining accounting and reporting, liabilities and business transactions;

- Development of primary accounting forms based on standards;

- Formation of the complete and authentic information about the economic processes and financial results of the university activity;

- Control over availability and movement of property, the use of material, labor, financial resources in accordance with the approved norms, standards and estimates.

Main job responsibilities:

- Organisation of the procedure for the preparation of primary accounting documents;

- Organization of commodity accounting, control of all types of movement of goods, write-off and crediting of fixed assets, inventory;

- Accounting for suppliers and contractors;

- Reconciliation of accounts with suppliers;

- Interaction with employees of the warehouse for accounting of fixed assets and inventories;

- Participation in inventory counts;

- Keeping accounting records in accordance with the requirements of current legislation in terms of accounting belonging to the organization of fixed assets, inventories;

- Reflection of fixed assets and inventories in the accounting records.

Travel on business trips:



Higher education in economics

Professional experience required (duration, field, other)

At least 1 year in the field of economics

Professional competencies:

Responsible, goal-oriented and committed to making decisions.

Personal competences and qualities:

Development of decisions, Ability to work with information, Achievement of goals; Self-regulation and self-control.

Knowledge of languages, including the national language (list of languages the candidate should be proficient in)

Kazakh, Russian


Computer skills:

Knowledge of 1C: Enterprise 8.2, 8.3;

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook;

Deadline for CV submission:

October 17, 2022

Contact person: Lambekova Torgyn (8727) 291-90-12 +77017128640