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Department of New and Modern History of Kazakhstan named after Academician T.S.Sadykov
 Zhanguttin Bauyrzhan Olzhabayevich
Head of the Chair
Doctor of Political Sciences, associate professor
Zhambyl str.25


The Department of "History of New and Modern Kazakhstan named after Academician T.S.Sadykov" of the Institute of History and Law traces its history back to the period when the walls of the university were erected. Till today the name of the department has changed several times: "History of the Motherland", "History of Kazakhstan named after Academician T.S.Sadykov" and others. Since 1 February 2024 for the purpose of more profound research and study of periods of history of Kazakhstan the direction of the chair was divided into 2 and replaced by a new name. Employees of the department contribute to the development of national science, researching topical issues of history and culture of Kazakhstan.


Since 2018/2019 academic year the head of the department is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Dzhanguttin Bauyrzhan Olzhabayuly. Department employs: Doctor of History, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan M.K.Koygeldiev, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor G.K. Khalidullin, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor G.R. Nurymbetova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor K.Sh.Alimgazinov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, senior lecturer, corresponding member. NAS RK G.K.Kenzhebaev, Doctor of Historical Sciences, senior lecturer S.S. Sayfulmalikova,

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor T.T.Dalaeva, E.N.Ermukanov, T.M.Baisalbaeva, R.R.Ospanova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior lecturers G.K.Balakhmetova, Sh.T.Nurman, S.K.Tulbasieva, Z.B.Myrzataeva, F.A.Adilova, T.A.Bekbaeva, S.G.Belous, A.A. Bimoldanova, D.B.Asymova, E.A.Zhalmagambetov, J.S.Saurykova, teachers B.M.Uteulieva, A.Duysenbaikyzy, A.M.Idrisova and A.J.Berikbolova.


Educational programs of the department
The chair "History of Kazakhstan in the New and Modern Times named after academician T.S. Sadykov" implements the following educational programs for the training of pedagogical staff - bachelor, master and doctoral studies in accordance with the requirements of society: "6B01609-Digital History and Archaeology", "B01610-History-Social Studies", "7M01603-Digital History: Technologies in History Education", "7M01605-History: Social History of New and Modern Kazakhstan", "8D01601-History", "8D01605-New Social History of Kazakhstan".

Activity of the department
Scientific-research work of faculty members of the department is carried out on the most actual directions of modern science: Alash movement, everyday history, oral history, history of political repressions of 1920-1950th years, conceptual problems of history in Stalin epoch, historical demography, life of state and public figures of Kazakhstan and service, digital history and others. In order to improve their qualification the teaching staff of the department regularly participates in scientific-methodical seminars-trainings of specialists from far and near abroad and uses in the process of teaching innovative technologies in the education system.

The international relations of the chair are extensive and stable. The chair cooperates with Hokkaido University (Japan), Hanshan Pedagogical University (China), Tabatai University (Iran), University of Budapest, University of Pecs (Hungary), Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of History of Russia RAS, Ural branch of the Institute of History and Archaeology RAS, works in international relations with the Aga Khan University of Central Asia (Naryn), Islamic University of Russia, Novosibirsk Pedagogical University.

A.Yassaui, Kazakh National Women`s Pedagogical University, Aktobe State University named after K.Zhubanov, Kazakh-Turkish International University named after A.Yassaui. Kazakh National Women`s Pedagogical University, Aktyubinsk State University named after K.Zhubanov, Suleyman Demirel University, established close ties with the Sh. Sh.Ualikhanov and ethnology, the Central State Archive of RK, the Archive of the President of RK, the Central State Museum of RK, the State Museum of Arts named after A.Kasteev and others.

Teachers of the department actively participate in international conferences, symposia and colloquia. In recent years they have given lectures and reports in the USA, Great Britain, Finland, Holland, Poland and Russia. The international activities of the department are aimed at increasing the reputation of the university and entering the international space of education and science.