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26.04.2009-30.04.2009 Visit of the delegation of M.P.Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (Ukraine) to Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University aimed at establishing partnership and signing bilateral cooperation agreement.

08.05.2009-14.05.2009  Official visit of Professor from Toulouse University (France), head of  the International relations division Daniel Cabani to Abai KazNPU. She conducted lectures for students of the faculty of History and teaching staff of the chair of political sciences and social studies. Bilateral cooperation agreement was signed.  

05.06.2009 Visit of the delegation of Polish university representatives headed by the First secretary of the Embassy of Poland in Kazakhstan Pavel Essa to Abai KazNPU to set bilateral partner relations. Composition of the delegation:

1.     Prof. Marek Gaventski - the First Embassador of Poland in Kazakhstan, authorized person of the president of Adam Mickiewicz University  in Poznan in affairs relating cooperation with Kazakhstan;

2.     Prof. Franchishek Gluvka - deputy Dean of the Farmatheutical faculty of Poznan Medical University;

3.     Prof. Petr Banashik -  vice-president of the Poznan University of Economy; 

4.     Master Agneshka Khala - Head of the Promotion Division of Poznan University of Economy;;

5.     Master Ezhi Laskovski - vice-rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University, Head of International Cooperation Division.

19.06.2009 The representatives of Indian National Cadet Corps  headed by General Carval arrived in KazNPU to develop of student exchange program.

05.11.2009 The representatives of  Chung-Ang University, i.e. Dean of the centre for international relations, prof. Kim Sam Yong and prof. Yo Kvon Yong   arrived for reviving and strengthening bilateral relations.

18.11.2009  Meeting with the representatives of higher military department of India. The purpose is development of bilateral cooperation.

31.03.2010  Visit of the delegation from Turkey: Yenar Tuncha - vice-rector for international relations of Okan University, Dean Mustafa Kosak and dean's assistant Guli Arslan. Bilateral agreement on scientific and cultural exchange between the universities was signed within the framework of negotiations.

25.06.2010  The visit of the official delegation from PRC. The representatives of education centre for student attraction. The purpose of the visit is concluding bilateral mutually beneficial agreement between KazNPU and regional professionally oriented education centre of PRC.


1. Vang Mao Cheng - Head of education centre

2. Turde Niyaz - President of the Shiyan College

3. Abaydulla Dilyara - staff member of the education centre


03.09.2010  The representatives of Indian National Cadet Corps  headed by General Carval arrived in KazNPU. The aim of the visit is development of the program on academic exchange of students and establishing regular ties with military arts chair of KazNPU.

04.09.2010  Delegation of Peoples Republic of China headed by the Deputy Minister of Education of Suar city visited the university. As a result of the meeting bilateral cooperation agreement was signed and further development trends were discussed. Chinese party promised to provide KazNPU with new books and teaching stuff.

The composition of the delegation:

1.     Mа Wynghua -Deputy Minister of education of Suar;

2.     U Shiau Tson - Head of the Department for internatinal relations of the Education Ministry of Suar;

3.     Shy Tsianzhon - Vice-rector of Ili Pedagogical University;

4.     Fyn Tsynson -Head of the International relations Division of Ili Pedagogical University;

5.     Bakhargul - Head of the Education Division of Ili Pedagogical University.

09.09.2010   The first vice-rector of Abai KazNPU M.Yermagambetov accepted the delegation from the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland)  consisting of 4 members. In the course of negotiations bilateral agreement was signed and faculties to run programs of academic exchange, placement and scientific exchange were determined.

The composition of the delegation:

1.     Yatsek Vitkos - candidate of sciences, professor, vice-rector for science and international cooperation of the Adam Mickiewicz university of Poznan;

2.     Marek Gavetnski - candidate of sciences, professor of the Oriental Institute, of Adam Mickiewicz university of Poznan;

3.     Khenryk Yankovski - candidate of sciences, professor of the chair of Asian research of   Adam Mickiewicz university of Poznan.

4.     Yustina Afek - the Consul in cultural affairs of the Embassy of Poland in Kazakhstan.


    19.09.2010 Official delegation from PRC, the representatives of education centre for student attraction. The purpose of the visit is considering scholarship opportunities for students and attracting international students to KazNPU.

Delegation comprises:

1.         Jou Fu Siang - President of Xingjian Politechnical University

2.         Chen Hongbin - tutor of oil and gas faculty



September 24 2010 - official delegation of representatives of Japanese University. The aim of the visit: learning the problematic issues of education system and pedagogical science of the RK.


ICD and teaching staff accepted the Japanese delegation consisting of 5 members, representatives of  Japanese Universities. Bilateral cooperation agreement on academic exchange, secondment and scientific exchange was concluded.   

The composition of the delegation:


1.     Endo Tadashi -Utsunomiya University, Pedagogy faculty, professor;

2.     Otani Minoru - Kanazawa University, Institute for Social and Humanitarian sciences, the Department for School pedagogy, professor;

3.     Fukuta Seidzi -Tsuru University, Faculty of Philology, professor;

4.     Savano Yukiko - Seisin all girl University, Faculty of Philology, professor.

5.     Demezhan Adlet - Tsukuba University, postgraduate student, interpreter - coordinator.

October 5-12 2010 - Rector of Abai KazNPU Praliyev S.Z. accepted official delegation of representatives of the Ministry of Higher education of Egypt, i.e. the Secretary General of the Higher University Council of the Egypt, Mrs. Salua Abdu El- Garib and the teacher of Cairo university Mrs. Amal Abdu the Ale-hakim Abbas Mohammed.

 During the visit negotiations on questions of cooperation in the field of science and education the Memorandum of mutual understanding between the university and the Higher University Council  of ARE was concluded, in compliance with the  Memorandum Abai KazNPU may cooperate with all universities of the Arabian Republic Egypt. The major issues in the field of science and education are included in Memorandum:

  • exchange of members of faculties, teachers
  • exchange of students
  • translation of materials (historical and cultural, scientific etc.) into country-partner language
  • Joint research, international educational activity
  • Participation in seminars, conferences, the academic meetings
  • exchange of the academic materials and other information. Issuing of publications in the partner country
  • Special academic programs (possible short-term visits, and visits of managements of universities to accepting university, etc.).

06.10.2010-11.10.2010 The Head of Division for scientific and cultural relations Abdikarim A.M. has visited the Toulouse University (France), as a result of a trip the bilateral agreement in two-diploma program on distant training on following specialities is signed: 'Lawyer of the company', 'Public law', 'International relations', 'Geopolitics'. Project realization is planned at the beginning of 2011-2012 years.

08.11. 2010  Accepting the delegation from Turkey that came to meet with management, get acquainted with the university and support the cooperation in the field of education and healthcare:

1.     Onal Ozturk - the president of the КАТЕV Social fund

2.     Mustafa Ozjan - the president of 'SEMA' hospital

10.11. 2010. Visit of Turkish delegation with the purpose of meeting with management, getting acquainted with the university and discussing the cooperation issues between KazNPU and Akdeniz University:

1.     Israfil Kurtjephe - Rector of Akdeniz University

2.     Feramuz Ozdemir - Dean of Engineering Faculty of Akdeniz University

3.     Mimar Turkkaharman - Dean of the pedagogical faculty of Akdeniz University


   11.11. 2010  Information day of TEMPUS in Kazakhstan on the occasion of the Forth contest for project propositions of TEMPUS IV program; representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, National office of TEMPUS in RK, Executive Agency on Education, Audiovisual means and Culture of European Commission participated in the event:

1.     Nadyrov М.К.- representative of the Ministry of Education of the RK

2.     Belen Ensiso - Head of the Executive Office on Education, Audiovisual means and culture of European Commission

3.     Tasbulatova Sh.U - National coordinator of the office of TEMPUS in Kazakhstan

4.     Gulnara Dussupova - project manager of TEMPUS program

5.     Noemi Larui - Attaché on cooperation of France embassy in Kazakhstan

6.     Kamilla Suleimenova - representative of Nitsa University, France

7.     Kanzhigalina Ulpash Gabdullovna - Deputy Head of British council

24.11.2010-01.12.2010 The teacher of geography and ecology faculty Sarkythan Kaster visited Yili Normal Pedagogical University in order to establish bilateral partner relations and develop the two-diploma program.



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