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Holiday of languages

In our country Languages Day of Kazakhstan this year marks the 26th time. Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakh language declared the state language, Russian - official language. There have been many noble deeds in the development of languages after the adoption of the Law «About languages». This law provides for the development of languages of various peoples living in Kazakhstan, together with the national and official languages. Therefore, in order to promote the culture and traditions of the various languages of the nation of our country was founded, the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, were created more than a hundred cultural centers. All of these centers are to strengthen the friendship of the peoples of Kazakhstan, perform a clear policy of our President about the interethnic unity and friendship along with the development of their cultures and languages. And, to date, in our country, much attention multylinguism. President Nursultan Nazarbayev said, «... to know three languages - Kazakh, Russian, English is very good. Our state language of par with them. If we use multylinguism, our road will always be open. If we learn English well, along with the national and official languages, will not keep up with civilization. English is used 70 percent of the world population. This is - the language of science and knowledge, information technology, medicine, and culture». Therefore, the development of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages at the same time in our country came from the emergency. Knowledge of multiple languages is a great opportunity towards building a smart person for the Kazakh people.
Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai Department of educational work and youth policy and the development of the state language has organized the event "Language-golden bridge of friendship of peoples" on the Day of languages of the peoples of Kazakhstan. The event was opened by the Chairman of the Board of Veterans Sc.D., professor Shildebayev Zhumadil Baydildauly. It is from the heart congratulated those students and teachers with the Day of languages and wished success to the talented students of the institutions participating in the contest. University students dressed in national costumes of different nationalities and ethnic groups living in the country, competed in the national traditions, arts, and national dishes. Institute of Art, Culture and Sports of the Russian people, the Institute of Kazakhstan - Sorbonne French people, the Institute of multilingual education of the Chinese people, the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Afghan people, the Institute of Law and Economics of the Uzbek people, the Institute of Natural History and Geography of the Turks, Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Korean people , Institute of Philology of the Kazakh people, the students danced, sang, raised the mood of all.

Jurors noted distinguished by their activity of students of institutions of "Pedagogy and Psychology", "mathematics, physics and computer science", "Art, Culture and Sports," "multilingual education", "Philology", "Economics and Law", "Natural History and Geography" . The winners were awarded with diplomas and prizes. Students of the Institute of Philology was awarded the diploma of I degree and the monetary award in the amount of 10,000 tenge. Also, during the week of the Day of languages were conducted round tables.