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 Mukhiddinov Yergali Mukhiddinovich
Head of the department of physical culture and sport
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor
«Spartak» Stadium
 +7(727) 382-27-85


The history of the formation of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports is inextricably linked with the history of the Department of Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary Education. As an independent subdivision, the department was formed in the 2009-2010 academic year according to the order of the rector of Abai KazNPU, academician Praliev S.Zh. on the basis of the department «Theory and methods of training teachers of physical culture and sports».


The department is a graduate and prepares pedagogical specialists, in accordance with the state standard, in the specialty «5B010800 - Physical culture and sports». Graduates receive the qualifications «Teacher of Physical Education», «Bachelor of Physical Education».


In August 2018, the department «Theory and methods of training teachers of physical culture and sports» was merged with the department «Health-improving physical culture» and renamed, getting the name «Physical culture and sports».


There are 7 doctors of sciences at the department, 5 professors, 7 candidates of science, 6 honored coaches, 3 international master of sports. The number of students enrolled is 569.


The structural divisions of the department are 4 scientific, educational and methodological complexes:

- educational and methodical (head - candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher Kulmeskhan Abdraimova);

- scientific (supervisor - candidate of biological sciences, Asylkhan Abishev);

- educational (head - senior teacher Isa Kurmanali);

- teaching practice (supervisor - senior teacher Omirgali Ryskulov).