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Competition of student projects of the Center Resource Advisory Centre on Inclusive Education for universities of RK


In accordance with the plan of the Public Council of the basic organization of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States for the training, retraining and advanced training of teachers and specialists in the field of inclusive and special education, the Resource Advisory Center for Inclusive Education for Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Director - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Movkebaeva Z.A.) at Abai KazNPU from November 1 to December 10, 2019, the International Student Competition of projects «Different-equal» was held.

The competition was attended by students of the Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University (Minsk, Republic of Belarus), Leningrad State University (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation), Trans-Baikal State University (Chita, Russian Federation) and undergraduates of the Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan). The following nominations were envisaged in the format of the competition: essay, Smart-photo, Smart- video.

On December 12, 2019, the jury chaired by the vice-rector of Abai KazNPU Kulsarieva A.T. submitted to the award.

In the nomination of the contest «Best Essay»:
1. Diplomas of the first degree: Shkut Maria Dmitrievna (Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin), Fedotova Natalya Valerievna (Trans-Baikal State University), Chigir Tatyana Konstantinovna (BSPU named after M. Tank).

2. Diplomas of the second degree: Makarchenkova Alexander Sergeevna (BSPU named after M. Tank), Brik Danil Igorevich (Trans-Baikal State University), Bogomazova Svetlana Vladimirovna (Trans-Baikal State University).

3. Diplomas of the III degree: Grudinina Vera Evgenievna (Trans-Baikal State University), Bondareva Elizaveta Sergeevna.

In the nomination of the Smart-photo contest:

1. Diploma of the I degree: Glushenkov Denis Aleksandrovich (Trans-Baikal State University), 2. Diploma of the 2nd degree - Brik Danil Igorevich (BSPU named after M. Tank).


In the nomination of the Smart-video contest First degree diploma:

- Ermekova Botagoz Kuandykyzy, Sagatova Diana Sabitkyzy, Abdimalik Aliya Adilbekovna, Mashash Botagoz Kuandyzy (Abai KazNPU).