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7820241Student Lifeopen
7820341Student Lifeopen
7820441 Teachers of the Institute of History and Law were trained in the Yanka Kupala State University of open
7820541Student Lifeopen
7820641Student Lifeopen
7820741Student Lifeopen
7820841Student Lifeopen
7820941Student Lifeopen
7821041Student Lifeopen
7821141Student Lifeopen
7821241Student Lifeopen
7821341Student Lifeopen
7821441Student Lifeopen
7821541Student Lifeopen
7821641Student Lifeopen
7821741Student Lifeopen
7821841Student Lifeopen
7821941Student Lifeopen
7822041Student Lifeopen
7822141Student Lifeopen
7822241Student Lifeopen
7822341Future teachers improve their professional skillsopen
7822441Student Lifeopen
7822541Student Lifeopen
7822641Student Lifeopen
7822741Student Lifeopen
7822841Student Lifeopen
7823041Student Lifeopen
7823141Student Lifeopen
7823241Student Lifeopen
7823341Student Lifeopen
7823441Student Lifeopen
7823541Student Lifeopen
7823641Student Lifeopen
7823741 International photographic exhibition «Islam and Humanity: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow»open
7823841 Agreement between Abai KazNPU and Zhangjiang Institute of Fudan University was signedopen
7823941Student Lifeopen
7824041Student Lifeopen
7824141Student Lifeopen
7824241Student Lifeopen
7824341Student Lifeopen
7824441International cooperationopen
7824541Student Lifeopen
7824741Student Lifeopen
7824941Student Lifeopen
7825041Student Lifeopen

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