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on the order of passage of candidates psychological testing



You will have the first serious test - the delivery of psychological testing.
Psychological testing is primarily aimed at determining the degree of compliance of your moral and business qualities of the military profession. It also determines the level of your reserve capabilities and professional and personal potential.
This psychological testing will take place on the computer. The test duration is no more than 60 minutes.
At the end of the test, the display will automatically display the results.


in passing the test

To successfully complete a psychological test, follow these instructions:
1.It is prohibited to bring mobile phones, pens, pencils into the audience where the testing will be held.
2.Listen carefully to the explanation of the person responsible for conducting psychological testing. During testing, you have no right to ask questions.
3.Do not take part in testing if you have complaints about your health. Report it to the person responsible for conducting psychological testing in advance during a survey, which will necessarily be carried out before testing.
4.Choose a testing language that is convenient for you - Kazakh or Russian. Make an appropriate note in the statement at the direction of the person responsible for conducting psychological testing.
5.Carefully fill in your personal data.
6.Answer questions only after careful reading and understanding the instructions.
7.Be extremely attentive, as in the transition to the next statement you will not have the opportunity to return to the previous one.
8.Answer as sincerely as possible, give a natural answer that comes to your mind first.
9.Remember that there are no «good» or «bad» answers.
10.During testing, it is FORBIDDEN to leave the audience, talk, read aloud and comment on the tests, use cell phones and other means of communication, look at the screen of neighboring computers.
11.After the «Save result» sign appears on the computer screen, you need to raise your hand and wait for the person responsible for conducting psychological testing to save the results.
If the person in charge of conducting psychological testing is busy with another applicant, wait until he is released. In this case, it is PROHIBITED to perform any actions with the computer (independently open the test results, close the dialog box, turn off the computer, etc.)
12. After reviewing the test result, you and the representative from among the observers must sign the statement.