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1st-year students entered Abai KazNPU in 2023, and 2nd-year students who entered Abai KazNPU in 2022 to full-time day department after graduating from high school, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who wish to study at the military department, arrive at the military department of the university from February 12, 2024, to apply for participation in the competitive selection.


For training under the reserve officer training program, documents are accepted from first-year students (with a 4-year study) and second-year students (with a 5-year study).


For training under the reserve sergeant training program, documents are accepted from first and second-year students (with 4 years of study) and first, second and third courses (with 5 years of study).


Have the following documents with you:

1. Identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan (original and copy);

2. Registration certificate or military ID (original and copy);

3. 4 photographs 3x4 in size;

4. Certificate of the presence or absence of a criminal record (Public Service Center);

5. A certificate of the actual study of the student at the university, signed by the director of the institute (digital student service center «Shapagat»);

6. Address certificate (for girls);

7. Two transparent files for registration of a personal file.


For all questions, please contact office No. 8 and call:
1. Reserve lieutenant colonel Orazbekov Bauyrzhan Zharkynbekovich - 87789552121;
2. Office phone of the educational unit - 3822735.