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 Myrzabayevа Ayaulym
Head of the Registrar`s office

Kazybek Bi str, 30


The Registrar`s office is one of the main structural divisions of Abai KazNPU.


The activities of the Registrar`s Office are carried out in accordance with this Regulation and other regulatory and legal acts regulating the educational process.


The Registrar`s office is guided in its activities by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Regulations on the organization of the educational process.


The main activities of the Registrar`s Office:

-improvement of the credit system of training;

-registration, formation and control of individual educational trajectories of students;

- organization of a system for monitoring the educational achievements of students;

- formation of academic groups and streams;

- taking into account the educational achievements of students during the entire period of study;

- organization, provision and high-quality implementation of activities for the assessment of knowledge and certification of students according to the approved academic calendar;

- control of filling in the correctness of the student`s information in the database and updating the information system of the OR;

- relationship with structural divisions, directorates of institutes, teaching staff and advisors/tutors;

- providing accurate academic information to students, teachers and administrative staff;

- registration of students on the basis of orders on enrollment, transfer, restoration, return from academic leave;

- organization of the process of registration and re-registration of students for academic disciplines;

- determining the profitability of groups or subgroups;

- determination of the academic rating of students based on the results of the final control;

- organization of a summer (additional) semester to eliminate academic debts and differences in curricula,

- analysis of academic indicators of sessions, final attestations, control sections of students` knowledge;

- monthly report to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the results of the examination session (form No. 34).


Employees of the Registrar`s Office:

Employee`s full name

Name of the supervised institute

№ Cabinet

Almaty, Kazybek bi str. 30, Academic building No. 1

Almira Begadilova

Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports

103 Б

Gulchehra Dunenkulova

Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

103 А

Nazerke Zhorabek

Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography

103 В

Kamila Kanizhan

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology


Anna Nemshilova

Distance learning

Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

103 В


Aigerim Nesipbekova

Institute of History and Law

Institute of Philology


Asem Shakarbek

Institute of Philology


Almaty, Kazybek bi str. 28, Academic building No. 7

Ainur Zhaksybayeva

Institute Sorbonne -Kazakhstan