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Registration for the academic disciplines studying has done after a detailed discussion of their individual learning paths with the adviser of which gives an explanation for the choice of subjects according to the standard curriculum, and the Catalogue of elective subjects.



Dates of registration are specified in the Academic Calendar.


Procedure for registration:

1. Register new students in KazNPU named after Abai made ​​before the beginning of the first semester after passing the orientation week. For this category of students the basis for access to registration is the order of the number of students enrolling in the university and payment for the per semester (if the training is carried out on a fee basis).


2. The remaining students are registered for the next school year, discipline and re-examination of academic disciplines (Retake) during the registration period specified in the academic calendar (in April).


The student of the second year and older have the right to make changes to their individual curriculum of not more than 10% of total loans to 20 August. In this case, the registration shall be submitted to the Department a statement showing changes in the prescribed form. The academic group of students formed on the principle of a sufficient number of students who signed up for this discipline. Occupancy of the academic stream of 30 or more students, the academic group - 10-30 people, academic subgroups - 10-12 people, with the exception of specialty disciplines with a small contingent of students.

In that case, if this discipline during the registration number of students enrolled less than the minimum established, the discipline is not open and is not included in the curriculum work, as an announcement at the information booth on the pages of the Faculty of Educational Portal of the University. Students who signed up for this discipline should be up to August 20 to apply the changes to the IEP.

In the case of the registration of students on school discipline in excess of the maximum set number on the discipline is formed additional academic group.

Academic group studying elective subjects majors with a small contingent of students are formed on the basis of records of all students at one discipline.

If the student has been translated into the next course within the prescribed period has not been registered in the academic disciplines and create an individual training plan, the basis for his work received training curriculum of the course.

The student has the right to make changes to the IEP in a working curriculum specialty before the semester of theoretical training. Deadline for IЕР Front Desk - 1st week of the semester.

Formed IЕР 3 copies signed by the student and adviser seems to agree. Adviser, in the absence of comments, signs IЕР.

After the close of entries on academic subjects, making adjustments in the prescribed manner approved by the dean of IEP students and faculty serves as the basis for the work of the curriculum, the calculation of payment of tuition fees for this academic year or academic term.

After the approval of one copy is for the student, a second copy for the adviser of the department of registration for interim certification organization, the third is kept by the adviser and serves as the basis for monitoring the implementation and development of students` professional training program.

IEP student is registered under his personal identification number X.

Registration for the summer semester is carried out in a timely manner in accordance with the academic calendar.