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 Begalieva Saule Bayazovna
Head of the Chair
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAE
56B Abaya Ave., 2nd floor, office 207
 +7 (727) 392-22-50, 8-702-777-16-04


Since 1993, the Department of Philological Specialties for Foreigners has been operating at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University. For 27 years, more than five thousand foreign citizens have been trained at the department in language courses (Russian and Kazakh as foreign languages), in bachelor`s, master`s, doctoral studies, as well as in the Center for Preparation for International Certification (TORFL).

Department of Philological Specialties for foreign citizens-winner of the medal and diploma (No. 01026, 08.02.2012) «Golden Department of Russia» for services to the development of domestic education. RAE President M. Y. Ledvanov.

In 2017, the department became part of the Faculty for Foreign Citizens and Pre-university Training.

At the moment, the staff of the department consists of 13 people: 1 Doctor of Science, Professor; 1 Ph.D., senior lecturer; 7 Candidates of Science, associate professors; 2 masters, senior teachers; 2 masters, teachers.

The Department offers language courses (language courses for foreign students studying in Kazakh and Russian as a foreign language) (1-2 years of studies), bachelor`s degree (4 years of study), bachelor DOT (distance learning, 3 years), master (2 years), master DOT (remote training, 2 years), doctorate (3 years), as well as courses to prepare for International certification (TORFL, 1-2 years).


EP 6B01704 «Teacher training: Kazakh as a foreign language».
EP 6В01711 «Teacher training: Russian as a foreign language «
EP 6B01711 «Teacher training: Russian as a foreign language»
EP 7M01711 «Scientific and pedagogical direction: Russian as a foreign language»
EP 8D01702 «Scientific and pedagogical direction: Russian as a foreign language «
EP 5B012200 - «Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction»


Students study such disciplines as Modern History of Kazakhstan, Psychology, Higher School Pedagogy, Philosophy, Management in Education, Digital Technologies in education, Kazakh literature, Russian as a foreign language (levels B1 - C1) Modern Russian language, Rhetoric, Geography of Kazakhstan, Geography of the country of studied language, the Kazakh language as a foreign language, the Basics of speech culture, Russian literature, Foreign literature, Pedagogical rhetoric, teaching trials, Methods of teaching literature, Professionally-oriented foreign and many others, and actively participate in the scientific and social life of the University and Department.

Graduates of our department enter and successfully study in postgraduate studies in the Republic of Korea, in the master`s program (Russia), work as translators in various organizations, teachers in embassies, are engaged in scientific research, and successfully defend master`s and doctoral theses.

At the department were trained: the Ambassador of Croatia to Kazakhstan, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Kazakhstan, representatives of international organizations, the OSCE, the staff of the Chinese National oil company, the staff of the DAAD (German academic exchange service), citizens: USA, France, Canada, Australia, R. Korea, China, Venezuela, Argentina, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iran, Egypt, Mongolia, India, Poland, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, the Republic of Ghana, Nigeria, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Germany, Philippines, Congo, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.


The Department of Philological Specialties for Foreign Citizens conducts active international activities with foreign universities: Ili Pedagogical University (China), Zhejiang YUEXU University of Foreign Languages (China), Sanya University (China), Hanoi Pedagogical University (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh National Pedagogical University (Vietnam), MPSU (RUDN), RUDN (Russia), Baku State University (Azerbaijan).

Abai Centers abroad have been opened and are functioning with the participation of the department: at the Ili Pedagogical University since 2011, at the Hanoi Pedagogical University «Abai Center for Culture and Science» since 2013, at the Ho Chi Minh National Pedagogical University (branch) «Kazakh-Vietnamese Cultural and Educational Center named after Abay» since 2013, in the MPSU since 2019 «Center of Culture and Science named after Abay».

According to the results of the rating of the 2019-2020 academic year, the Department of Philological Specialties for foreign citizens took second place in the university.

Department of philological specialties for foreign citizens
recruits for training in the following areas:

language courses Kazakh and Russian languages, with a certificate AbaiKazakh National Pedagogical University
Undergraduate, Master`s degree, Doctorate in «Russian as a foreign language»
preparation for passing the certification exam TORFL (Russian as a foreign language) of all levels TORFL

Tuition fees (academic year)

Language courses of Kazakh and Russian languages - 600,000 tenge
Undergraduate - 670,000 tenge
Master`s degree - 700,000 tenge
Doctoral studies - 1 307 000 tenge
TORFL - 50,000 tenge (per month)


Foreign nationals wishing to start learning Russian language or to improve their knowledge and proficiency in Russian, welcome to the Summer language school (June - August).


The Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Provides visa support to foreign citizens who have chosen to study at the department of philological specialties for foreign citizens.


The possibility of living in a student university campus is provided.

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For admission questions, contact:
Begalieva Saule Bayazovna(head of the department) +7 702 777 1604,
AitkazinaTogzhanTelmanovna +7 701 5149697,
Mamytbekova Lyailya Kulamkadirovna +7 707 227 6826,
Li Duo, Ph.D. + 77477382145