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Departement of Politology and socio-philosophical disciplines


Currently, the Department of Political Science and Socio-Philosophical Disciplines has a fairly wide geography of cooperation with leading universities in the near and far abroad.


In particular, effective interaction with universities has been established:

Far abroad:

- INALCO University (France);

- Uludag University (Turkey);

- University of Gdansk (Poland);

- Tallinn University (Estonia);

- Ariel University (Turkey);

- Washington State University (USA);

- Gazi University (Turkey, Ankara);

- Akdeniz University (Turkey);

- Chonnam National University (South Korea);

- University of Leicester (UK);

- Academy of Leading Personnel of the Bundeswehr (Germany);

- University of Pecs (Hungary);

- French State University - Lyon-2 (France).


Near abroad:

- International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan;

- Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;

- Novosibirsk State University;

- Institute of Philosophy and Political and Legal Research of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov;

- Kyrgyz Economic University.



- Al-Farabi Kazakh National University;

- Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies of the KN MES RK;

- Kazakhstan center of humanitarian and political conjuncture;

- Kazakh Abylai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages;

-Kazakh National Agrarian University;

-Kazakh National Women`s Pedagogical University.


The main directions of international cooperation:

- opening a two-degree program for undergraduates;

- joint fundamental and applied scientific research;

- creation of joint creative teams;

- joint development of programs and holding international conferences, round tables and seminars;

- organizing and conducting mutual training of employees;

- preparation and publication of scientific papers;

- professional consultations, scientific and methodological seminars;

- joint preparation of training and practical manuals;

- development and implementation of jointly developed programs and scientific projects.


Partnerships with foreign universities result in international conferences and forums, where the ideas of our scientists are tested and disseminated and joint international projects are born.


In order to establish cooperation and on the initiative of the International Center for Research of Imam Maturidi at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan, the department proposes to organize an exchange program for students studying at the Abai KazNPU at the Department of Political Science and Socio-Political Disciplines in the specialty 6В02203 Religious Studies and Politics, to be admitted to participation of our teachers-researchers in the competition for the award of the international scholarship named after Imam Maturidi, to provide the opportunity for our doctoral students, undergraduates and researchers to undergo scientific internships in the direction of the history of Islam in the center, to organize joint training seminars and conferences dedicated to scientific, thematic and methodological issues of Islamic culture.


Leading foreign scientists give lectures to undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers of the department, act as scientific consultants. The department regularly hosts meetings and lectures of representatives of the international educational project «One Asia Foundation», in particular, with the deputy chairman of the international educational project «One Asia Foundation» Yodzo Sato, PhD in political science Chang Joon Kon, general director of the fund in Central Asia Chan Ben-Sun and Director of the United Asia Foundation of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Miong Sun Ok.


Under the academic mobility program, undergraduates study in Turkey, Lithuania, Poland. Thus, undergraduates and doctoral students undergo a month-long scientific internship at universities in the near and far abroad.


The teaching staff of the department closely cooperates with various foreign universities and international research centers in the field of education and science. From September 2020-2021 academic year, the process of discussing and agreeing with the university and the department, a joint curriculum, and further concluding an Agreement on a double degree program between our and Sofia University. «Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski«. Master`s program title: Europe and Asia: Cultural Diplomacy and Geopolitics of the EU, specialty: political sciences. Already in the 2021-2022 academic year, the first recruitment of undergraduates for this double-degree program is planned.


Academic mobility of students