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Information about scientific projects of Abai KazNPU




University research projects


In 2021, 14 scientific projects on grant financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be implemented at Abai KazNPU. 12 projects of young scientists are being implemented at the expense of the university`s own funds. The university has also allocated its own funds for integration projects with republican scientific organizations (research institutes): 8 projects are being implemented. Another 7 projects are carried out by research centers and laboratories of the university.


International scientific projects


Kenzheakhmet Nurlan, a specialist in the toponymy of geographical objects of Kazakhstan, a researcher at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, who lives in the United States, has been hired as a research professor in the direction of «Development of special measures to attract compatriots working in leading foreign centers and universities». He is the scientific director of the project «Orta Asiadagi yezhelgi turki dauirindegi toponymicalyk malimetterdi zertteudin kazirgi alemdik geosayasi zhuyedegi tarikhi-geografiyalyk manyzy zhane aspectileri» (15 million tenge).


In the direction of «Participation of Kazakhstani researchers in international teams working in large foreign laboratory complexes» in the period 2019-2021, 26 teachers of Abai KazNPU participate in 5 international scientific projects jointly with the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE, Moscow, Russia), where the scientific supervisors are HSE scientists (50 million tenge):

- project «Strategy for the development of the University`s Digital Infrastructure in the post-pandemic period», Head - I.A. Karlov, Director of the HSE Laboratory of Digitalization of Educational Technologies;

- project «Development of the Kazakh version of the instrument for studying the formation of reading skills of primary school students», head - E.Y. Kardanova, Director of the Center for Psychometrics and Measurements in Education of the HSE;

- the project «Accessibility of higher education in Kazakhstan for children with disabilities», head - Malinovsky S.S., Deputy head. HSE University Development Design and Training Laboratory;

- the project «Selection and evaluation of educational innovations, conducting a pedagogical experiment», head - Koroleva D.O., head. HSE Innovation Laboratory in Education;

- Project «Teaching postgraduate education subjects methods of design and implementation of research activities», head - Terentyev E.A., Director of the HSE Center for Sociology of Higher Education.


The scientific project «Development of a system for training teachers for teaching and educating schoolchildren in the conditions of digitalization of society» (15 million tenge) is being implemented jointly with Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPSU), Moscow State University (MSPU) and Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University (KSPU) named after V.Astafyev. Professor Bosova L.L. participates on the part of the MPSU, on the part of the MGPU - Professors Grinshkun V.V., Zaslavskaya O.Yu., Grigoriev S.G.; on the part of the KSPU named after V.Astafiev - Professor Pak N.I.


The term of these projects, funded from the university`s own funds, ends on December 30, 2021.