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Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai is the first higher educational institution in the history of the country, for 93 years it has been honourably carrying out this high mission. Such outstanding personalities and statesmen as S.Asfendiyarov, S.Seifullin, A.Baitursynov, H.Dosmukhamedov, T.Zhurgenov, I.Kabulov worked and created within the walls of the university, M.Gabdullin and others were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union. The university has established famous scientific schools, especially in the field of pedagogy and education, linguistics and linguistics, literary studies.
At all times, the university has been adequately represented by scientific personnel potential, this is
Academicians of NAS RK Bekturov E.A., Koigeldiev M.K., Kirabaev S.S., Beisenova A.S., Ualiev G.U., Abylkasymova A.E., Smanov B.U.
Corresponding members of NAS RK: Kosov V.N., Orazbayeva F.S., Kulsarieva A.T., Absattarov R.B., Kenzhebaev G.K., Ualiev Z.G.
Holders of the State Prize in the field of science, technology and education: Beisenova A.S., Ualiev G.U., Sabit M.S., Kulbek M.K.
Holders of the State Prize named after K.I.Satpayev - Beisenova A.S.
Holders of the State Prize named after Y.Altynsarina - Praliev S.Zh., Nuriev M.A.
State scientific scholarships: Buribayev E.A., Berdyshev A.S., Kosov V.N., Mynbaeva B.N., Baishemirov Zh., Dostilek D.
Holders of state awards
Order "Parasat" - Beisenova A.S., Balykbayev T.O., Abylkasymova A.E., Orazbayeva F.S., Koigeldiev M.K., Smanov B.U.
Order "Kurmet" - Ayapova T.T., Kenzhebaev G.K., Bidaibekov E.Y., Zhumagulov B.S., Abdigaziev B.A., Ualiev G.U., Shildebaev Zh., Ishpekbayev Zh.I., Nuriev M.A., Birgebaev A.B. Isagaliev K., Murataev K.K., Kosov V.N.
Medal "Eren enbegi ushin" - Nurmanbetkyzy Zh., Seitzhanov A.F., Imanberdiev B.D.
Today, the scientific potential is supported by a resource of highly qualified personnel.
So, professors Kosov V.N., Buribayev E.A., Khamzina Zh.A. were included in the Top-50 of the General Rating of teaching staff of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Professors Buribayev E.A., Khamzina Zh.A. were recognized as the best researchers of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of social sciences Clarivate Analytics
by Order of the Acting Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 22, 2021 No. 600 The state scientific scholarship for 2022 was awarded to associate professor T.T. Dalayeva and postdoctoral fellow A.M.
Baykulova. The title of "Best Researcher" in 2022 was awarded to professors Z.A. Movkebayeva, A.S. Berdyshev, T.T. Ayapova, Zh.K. Nurbekova.
The holders of the title "Best University Teacher" of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022 are D. Shaibakova, A.Sagimbayeva, A.Kosherbayeva, N.Iskakova, S.Koneva, N.Kalkayeva, D.Sabirova.
The members of the editorial boards of foreign scientific journals and experts are professors S.D. Abisheva, L.V.Safronova, M.Sh.Musataeva, V.N.Kosov, E.A. Buribayev.
The winners of the Bolashak Scientific Internship competition in 2022 were: Sabirova D., Seyilkhan A.; Bekbenbetova K., Kasymbek A., Sayfulmalikova S., Yerlankyzy A., Absatova M., Kurmanbek A., Umirbekova A., Jalalova A. Akylbekova T., Kasymbekova D., Siman K. Shorabek A., Zhumash G.
About the potential of students
For example, a 3rd-year student of the specialty "Pedagogy and methods of primary education" Zharylkasynova Tolkyn was awarded a Presidential scholarship.
Aizhan Nusupbekova, a teacher of the Department of Russian Language and Literature, received a grant and the honorary title of "Teacher of the Year" (2021). After completing her doctoral studies at Abai KazNPU, she works at the department part-time, her main place of work is a comprehensive school.
2nd year undergraduate student of the specialty "7M01702 - Russian language and literature" Meruert Iztleu was awarded the medal "Best Young Scientist-2021" of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
2nd year master`s student of the specialty "7M01702 - Russian language and literature" Zhakenova Rabiga is the holder of the N.A. Nazarbayev scholarship in 2021.
Doctoral student Madina Moldagali (specialty "Russian language and Literature") in 2021 is a participant of the International Project School of Young Scientists "Quantitative Philology", won a grant to study under the Lithuanian State Scholarship program at the University of Mikolos Romeris (Vilnius, Lithuania), where she studied for 1 year semester of the 2021/2022 academic year.
A graduate of the PhD degree in Chemistry, Sunnatulla Kaumbayev took third place in the city competition "Teacher of the Year Almaty - 2021".
A master`s student in International Law, Zhedelova Karlygash Kurmangazykyzy, became the winners in the Republican competition "The Best Master`s student of Kazakhstan - 2021".