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Bekkozhanov Talgat Kusainovich
Deputy Director of the Infrastructure Development Department on production issues

Ualikhanov str., 64A


The goal is to develop, modernise, maintain and functionally support the University`s facilities.


Main tasks:

- To comply with occupational health and safety rules and regulations, sanitary norms and fire protection of the buildings and premises in which the Company`s classrooms, offices and services are located;

- To ensure the maintenance and proper condition of buildings and premises in accordance with sanitary and fire safety norms of the buildings and premises where the Company`s classrooms, offices and services are located;

- Ensuring satisfactory technical condition and safe operation of heating and ventilation equipment, water supply, sewage and electrical systems;

- Carrying out activities to improve the living conditions of the teaching staff and students;

- Supervision of equipment, lighting, ventilation, water supply systems, etc., in good working order;

- Exercise control over the rational consumption of materials and funds allocated for economic purposes;

- Organize the timely inspection, testing and adjustment of all equipment and systems supporting the Company`s activities;

- Provide current and capital repairs of the Company`s buildings and facilities;

- Control over the rational use of funds allocated for repair of buildings and facilities;

- Control over compliance with the technological sequence of repair and construction works;

- Control of a safety engineering condition, elimination of the revealed deficiencies, violations of industrial sanitary rules at repair and construction works;

- Organization and provision of security of the Company`s territory, buildings, structures, property, observance of the law and order norms established by the legislation on the Company`s territory;

- Compliance with anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, conflict of interest policy, internal regulations and legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding anti-corruption.