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Bazilova Sholpan Shabanovna
Supervisor Service for monitoring contracts and the quality of services rendered

Ualikhanov str., 64A
 291-88-96, 87017869540



The goal - is current and long-term planning, a combination of unity of command in resolving performance issues and collegiality in their discussion.


The main tasks of the Service:

- monitoring the conclusion and execution of the terms of contracts for public procurement of services of entities for Abai KazNPU;

- monitoring the assessment of satisfaction with employees / employees / students with the quality of the services received, provided by structural divisions and individual employees of Abai KazNPU;

- ensuring the completeness of objective data for quality analysis and making informed management decisions to improve processes;

- increasing the degree of interaction between structural divisions and consumers of services of Abai KazNPU;

- improving the rating, image of Abai KazNPU among potential consumers, employers, service providers and partners;

- continuous improvement and compliance of Abai KazNPU with the requirements of consumers, openness, reliability and stability;

- compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, conflict of interest resolution policy, internal regulations and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in terms of anti-corruption.