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The department is constantly working to support gifted and talented students through activation and participation in various competitions, Olympiads, public events, etc. Students of the chair actively participate in all events held at the level of the Institute and the University, as well as at the level of the Republic. Students of EP "International law" took 3 place in the international competition "Crim Ex-2022 criminologya zhane sot saraptamasynyn uzdik bilgirleri".

"International Lawyer" Student Club

"International Law" Student Club gathers weekly students of the "International Law" and helps them improve their level of legal literacy in accordance with the modern features of the activity of lawyers. Sessions of the club are held in the form of training sessions, where each student can feel himself in the role of a judge, lawyer, prosecutor and other professionals, carrying out procedural actions, which are inherent in them using modern digital technologies and services. Also as part of this club, students learn the basics of marketing in order to connect with the local community and enhance the business reputation of already future law graduates.


French Conversation Club

For effective learning of French, lecturer Etienne Baon conducts a French conversation club ISK: For intermediate level participants (A2-B1); For participants at intermediate level (B1-B2 and above.

Volunteer activities

Chair of International Law is one of the organizers of the International public project "IZGILIK ELSHISI". The head of the national volunteer movement "Accelerator of Kindness: Izgilik elshisi", doctor of law, professor of international law Sabitova A.A.


This project provides not only volunteer movement, but also created a Legal Clinic, which includes leading scientists and professors of Kazakhstan, who provide legal assistance throughout the Republic.


Participation of students in this clinic, helps them in the implementation of student-centered learning by the educational institution, the construction of training programs and the use of learning outcomes, as well as continuous professional development.