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Alumni Association


 Nurbatyrov Bolatbek Bodanuly
Head of Alumni Association

Kazybek bi str., 28. Office 323
 +7 (747) 411 17 87


 Kuanyshbekova Akbota Yerbolovna
Leading specialist of the Alumni Association

Kazybek bi str., 28. Office 323
 +7 (747) 411 17 87



The aim of the Association is to create mutually beneficial relations between the university and its graduates, supporting the alumni`s contacts with the university and with other alumni through the exchange of experience, carrying out activities and various programs aimed at the development of the University.

The main tasks of the Association are:

- the all-round development of the University as an international center for education, science and culture;
- dissemination of the values of university education in society, strengthening the spirit of intelligence, humanity and tolerance;
- strengthening of personal contacts, mutual assistance and cooperation of all graduates of the University.

The subjects of the Association`s activities are:
- Integration of the intellectual and creative forces of the Association members to organize and provide comprehensive social and economic support to the University and strengthen its material and technical base;
- establishment, expansion and development of personal and business ties, creative cooperation, public and personal interaction and mutual assistance between graduates;
- Conducting activities aimed at attracting funds from domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals on a grant basis in the form of donations, assistance, grants, etc .;
- the introduction of proposals to the university administration on the awarding of honorary titles and titles of the University.


Events held in the center of the Alumni Association for 2019-2021