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 Stambekova Zhazira Kurmangalievna
Head of the Chair
Doctor of PhD
Dostyk Ave. 13


The Department of Design of the Institute of Art, Culture and Sport trains highly qualified specialists in the field and systematically follows the development strategy of a modern educator who wants to be mobile and keep up with its students by introducing new information and communication technologies into the visual arts space. This, in turn, determines the formation of special competencies and competencies, considered as an indicator of pedagogical excellence, which in turn significantly affects the quality of educational services.


The potential of the specialty «Design» in all its specializations has an unambiguous commercial attractiveness. In this regard, graduation projects in this direction for the past three years are focused on the possibility of full or partial commercialization.


The Department of Design currently serves the following undergraduate specialties:


6B02118-Design. Fashion design

6B02119-Design. Architectural design

6B02120-Design. Graphic design

6B02117-Decorative and applied arts. Artistic textile

6B02117-Decorative and applied arts. Woodworking and jewelry

Master`s degree specialities:


7M02119-Architectural design

7M02118-Fashion Design

7M02120-Graphic design


The opening at the department in 2019 of a magistracy in the group of specialties «Art» has significantly strengthened the theoretical, research and scientific-methodological component.


At the moment, the department works in accordance with the research plan approved for the current academic year.


The special prospects are fundamentally new for the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports, the specialty «Polygraphy», which has opened for bachelor`s and master`s degrees.


Over the past three years, the theoretical and research component has significantly increased at the department, which has been adequately reflected not only in the personal achievements of the teaching staff, but also directly in work with students (SRWS).


At the moment, the Department of Design is purposefully developing the commercial aspect of current and potential research projects. These include, in addition to teaching staff projects, also bachelor`s degree projects.


Currently, the department has 34 employees, including 30 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees.

Fifteen of the 30 full-time employees are academically qualified (Doctor of Sciences - 1, PhD - 3, Candidates of Sciences - 11).