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The Design Department of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of Abai KazNPU purposefully develops commercial aspects of current and potential research projects. In addition to the Institute`s projects, these include bachelor`s degree projects. The potential of the design profession is commercially attractive. In this regard, diploma projects in this field over the past three years are aimed at the possibility of full or partial commercialization.


The department pays special attention to improving the image policy of the university in the format of active creative activity, organizing exhibitions at the university, national and international levels, strengthening scientific personnel and the participation of teaching staff in various image events (creative meetings).


A scientific and practical conference is organized annually for students and undergraduates based on the results of research work. Students and undergraduates annually take part in republican Olympiads, competitions and take prizes. At the same time, students and undergraduates participate in the scientific and social work of the Institute and take an active part in city-level events.


The theoretical and research component of the department has significantly increased, which is manifested not only in the personal achievements of the teaching staff, but also in direct work with students (R&D).


In 2023, the scientific research of the staff of the Design Department showed good results in this direction.


Following the results of 2023 , the following results were summarized:

1. Participation in international, republican and university scientific and practical conferences held at KazNPU named after Abai, other universities and organizations in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the near and far abroad.

2. Writing and preparation for publication of abstracts of speeches and reports at scientific and practical conferences, scientific articles in collections of scientific papers, the Bulletin of the Institute and periodicals, including those included in the list of Committee for Quality Assurance in Education and Science of RK.

3. Published educational and teaching aids for students.

4. Published articles in journals with impact factor (Scopus).


Scientific and methodical publications of teaching staff of the department for the 2023 academic year


The report on research work-2022


The report on research work-2020

List of Articles Published in Impact Factor Journals in 2020

List of abstracts of scientific conferences published in the near abroad in 2020

List of scientific articles published in KKSON RK magazines in 2020

List of articles published in the near abroad in 2020

List of scientific articles published in other journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2020


List of monographs and manuals by teachers 2020 year

List of postgraduate publications in 2020

List of student publications in 2020