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 Kosherbayev Zhanbolat Asetovich
Head of the Chair
PhD doctor, Senior Teacher
Ualikhanov str., 64A


Department of Music Education and Choreography, Institute of Arts, Culture and Sport was opened at Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University was founded in 1967, and subsequently in 1988 it was transformed into the Music and Pedagogical Faculty under the leadership of Professor M.H. Baltabaev until 1998. In 2008, the specialties «Music Education» and «Choreography» were opened at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy. In 2009, the department was integrated into the Faculty of Art and Graphics. From 2010 to the present, the Department of Music Education and Choreography has been functioning as a separate division of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University.

During its existence, the Department of Music Education and Choreography has successfully graduated more than 3000 highly qualified music teachers and professionals in the field of choreography and leisure. Many of the graduates occupy important positions in the fields of education and culture, making a significant contribution to the development of art and education in Kazakhstan.

Among the outstanding graduates of the department are such famous personalities as People`s Artist of Kazakhstan Baybosynov Kairat, Honored Artists of Kazakhstan Ramazan Stamgaziev, Zhanar Aizhanova, Medeu Arynbayev, artistic director of the State Dance Ensemble «Naz» Khadisha Agymbayeva, Yerkebulan Agymbayev, as well as famous musicians and singers such as Viktor Khomenkov, Ilya Bashkatov and Zhanbolat Yerbatyrov. These graduates have made a significant contribution to the development of art and culture, working in various educational and creative institutions, gaining recognition both in the republic and abroad.

The purpose of the Department of Music Education and Choreography is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of music education, choreography and leisure. The department strives to provide students with modern knowledge and skills, including subject, communication, digital and entrepreneurial competencies. This goal is aimed at creating qualified professionals who are able to successfully adapt to the cultural environment, use modern technologies and interact in various fields of art and education.

To achieve this goal, the department trains students in three main areas:

Bachelor`s degree:
6B01402 - Music Education;
6B02109 - Choreography;
6B011102 - Cultural and leisure work.


Master`s degree:
7M01402 - Music education;
7M11102 - Cultural and leisure work.


PhD doctoral program:
8D01402 - Music education.


Educational programs include modern teaching methods and focus on the development of not only traditional professional skills, but also competencies needed in today`s digital and cultural environment. The active use of digital technologies, innovative techniques and entrepreneurial skills ensure that graduates are ready for a successful career in the field of art, leisure and education.

For the current period, the teaching staff of the Department of Music Education and Choreography includes:
Professor, Doctor of Sciences - 1
Candidates of Sciences, acting professors - 2
Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor - 1
Candidates of Sciences, Acting Associate Professors - 2
Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor - 1
PhD, Senior lecturer - 2
Senior teachers -3
Master`s degree, Senior lecturer - 1
Master`s degree, Lecturer - 3


The highly professional lecturer staff provides not only a high level of competence, but also a combination of the experience of scientific supervisors and the energy of young researchers, which emphasizes the high level of education at the department, contributing to the successful development and achievement of goals.

The Department of Music Education and Choreography effectively integrates modern technologies into the educational process, including the use of a digital recording studio and computer classes with high-speed Internet access. Optimal conditions have been created to ensure high-quality education and the acquisition by students of modern knowledge and skills in the field of music education and choreography. The department also actively supports the creative environment, ensuring the functioning of the student orchestra of folk instruments, a combined choir, folklore and dance ensembles, as well as a variety life band. These creative teams take an active part in concert performances at various stages of the city and the republic, contributing to the improvement of students` performing skills.