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 Kuzembaeva Bahyt Myrkaevna
Head of Student Department

Kazybek Bi st. 30, 109 room
 +7 (727) 291-16-65


Student Department is a structural unit of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University and belongs to the Department of Academic Affairs. The staff of student department: the head of the student department and staff of specialist inspectors of the highest category.


Last name First name





Azamatova Ultuar Amanbekovna

leading specialist

Master`s degree, PhD doctoral studies, orders




Kuttybekkyzy Gulsaya


Bachelor`s degree grant, orders



Esbolat Marzhan Gaidarkyzy


Bachelor`s degree grant, contingent of students, distribution of documents




Baizhunisova Gulzhan Kairatovna


Bachelor`s degree contract, orders



Birtalaeva Aidana Erlanovna


Bachelor`s degree contract, distribution of documents


Key responsibilities of this divisions are as follows:
- reception and check personal files of students from the selection committee on the basis of the orders of enrollment in the 1st year for all types of education;
- preparation of orders on the restoration of the student body, the transfer from specialty to specialty, one form of education to another, for a transfer to another university, of dismissal;
- entering orders on the movement of students and creation of personal cards of students-subs in electronic database Univer 2.0;
- filing copies of orders on the movement of students in private affairs, as well as extracts from the orders of the transfer from course to course;
- transfer copies of orders in the student accounting, office desk, office of military registration, directorates and dean;
- traffic count of students enrolled in state educational grants, on a contractual basis;
- preparation of monthly and quarterly reports on the movement of full-time students and part-time offices courses specifically, directors and faculty studying on grants and on a fee basis, the transfer of this information to the appropriate department (management, PPO);
- preparation of materials for transfer students with a contractual framework for vacancies on the state educational grant;
- preparation and sending personal files of students who transferred to other universities;
- preparing and sending requests to the personal affairs of students apply for a transfer from other universities;
- accepts applications from other universities;
- control the availability of personal affairs produces full-time students and part-time modes of study before completing the diploma;
- filling and registration certificates, duplicate diplomas and transcripts;
- issuance of the personal affairs of educational documents at dismissal, filling work books graduates with work experience;
- execution of the current work with students;
- maintenance work with students at their request;
- validation issued by the Directorate and the dean of certificates;
- work with incoming and outgoing correspondence (MSHE RK, confirmation requests and receive training diplomas and other organizations);
- preparation of requests for application forms (student tickets, test books and magazines student attendance) and the issuance to directors and faculty;
- transfer personal files expelled students to the archive.