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At the Chair of Creative specialties of the Arts, Culture and Sport Institute took place the theoretical seminar on theme: "Archetypes and semantics of ethnoart traditions of Kazakhstan". Seminar was carried out by professor, cultural figure of the RK Murataev Kurman Kalievich.
Topic of the seminar included questions of the origin and sources, formation and development, content and symbolismof the most striking phenomena in the culture of the tribes of ancient and medieval Kazakhstan, the basic, underlying characteristics of the artistic traditions of Kazakh folk art. On the basis of the video, including archaeological data, as well as tables and charts developed leading seminar has organized structure, art criticism analysis of the characteristics of a number of monuments and artifacts of art, especially outlook proto-Aryan tribes Chalcolithic (Botaysk civilization), the Aryans of the Bronze Age, their direct descendants - iron age Saks, the last successor - Turkic tribes (I thousand BC.) and subsequent times. There have been traced: the design features and symbols in the genesis of the dwelling nomads - the yurt, the role of the attributes of the pantheon of higher powers, characters in a philosophical and spiritual system Tengrianism early Bronze Age to the examples of pottery and petroglyphs (II millennium BC.) - The tree of the world ( Baiterek) - a prototype of a Christmas tree, a cross and a swastika - the space-time sign and symbol of the natural elements of space, ritual vessels - as a model of the world - the prototype of Aladdin`s magic lamp and more..

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