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Graduate - 2016

At the of music education and choreography  on specialty "5B010600 - Music Education" passed the next state exams for chorus. Head joint choir - candiadate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Svetlana Toleutaevna Balagazova, choose an interesting musical material for graduates of this year. The repertoire of the choir performed works by Russian and domestic, foreign classics, treatment and arrangements of folk songs, modern interpretations, such as "Erkem-ai" Kazakh folk song in the processing of B.Erzakovich, folk song "Toy Bastar" in handling of A.Orenburgski, school songs "Happiness"of D.Kabalevsky, "School waltz" of I.Dunayevsky, as well as modern jazz compositions in the style of Irving Berlin «Puttin on the Ritz», Dzh.Gershwin "Clar your hand», G. Kern «Smoke gets in your eyes "from the musical" Robert ", choral scenes of the opera of M.Tolebayev" Bіrzhan Sara ", " Zhar-Zhar " and others. Would like to mention an essay of R. Stonehill «Shut De Do» (solo instrument played graduate Andosov Konyspay, vocal solo - 2nd year course  student Tursynbai Botakoz) and duet 3rd year students Abdykalykov Shokan and Bekdaulet Arai performed works of  A. Zhubanov and L.Hamidi from the opera "Abai" - "Shalkysyn shattyk ainala".

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