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XI Summer Universiade of RK: armwrestling 2021

On May 8-12, 2021 in Nur-Sultan as part of the XI Summer Universiade of RK an armwrestling competition was held. Ten teams took part.

The purpose of the competition: to promote a healthy lifestyle, the development of arm wrestling, to educate young people in the spirit of friendship and mutual understanding, to form a team for the upcoming international competitions. Our team took 1st place. The students who made their contribution to the victory of our team, performed and became winners and received tickets to the upcoming international competitions. The team is coached by senior teacher Ashimkhanov Galymzhan, Seisenekov Yerlan.

Team of Abai KazNPU in armwrestling among men
1.Kuanyshbekuly Ayan 55 kg 1st place
2. Duletuly Kobey 85 kg 1st place
3.Symat Samgat 65 kg 2nd place
4. Moldash Orynbasar 70 kg 2nd place
5.Ozhakhmet Sagyndyқ 110 kg 2nd place
6. Gilamdinov Shaimurat + 110kg 2nd place
7. Najysbek Birlik 55 kg 2nd place
8. Abikeev Shonay 70 kg 3rd place
9. Begimkhan Perdebek 75 kg 3rd place
10. Oral Dinmukhammed 80 kg 3rd place
11 Sanakulov Zhanibek 65 3rd place

Abai KazNPU women`s arm wrestling team
1.Askar Balzhan 50 kg 1st place
2. Esbosinova Madina + 80 kg 1st place
3. Duken Nazerke 70 kg 1st place
4. Nysanғali Aruzhan 60 kg 1st place
5. Tileuzhan Maқpal 50 kg 2nd place
6. Chabdanova Aigerim +80 kg 2nd place
7. Erkinbek Nurbakyt 60 kg 2 nd place





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