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         06-10.06.2017. in accordance with the signed memorandum about cooperation with the  Central Asia University, by  the organization of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports at  Abai  Kazakh National Pedagogical University  took place  a seminar on the courses "Personality and Society" and "Rhythm and Movement" of the Aga Khan Project "Human Studies" for 25 lecturers of educational institutions of Almaty, including  lecturers  of  Abai KazNPU. Trainers of the seminar were: Khadicha Shambetalieva - regional trainer for Central Asia and Makhkamboi Karimov - senior lecturer of the Department of Philosophy of Culture and Political Science of Khojand State University named after Academician Babadzhan Gufurov and trainer  of the Innovation Center of the Aga Khan Human Studies program of UCA in Khujand.

            Lecturers of the AC&S Institute, who participated in this seminar A.T. Aituarova  -   candidate of art studies , associate professor, L.Sh. Kakimova - Candidate of pedagogical  Sciences, Associate Professor, A.I. Umurzakova -   associate professor  received the certificate of the international standard, certifying the advanced training in the amount of 72 hours. The University of Central Asia transferred to the fund of the University`s scientific library an electronic resource and video material for the project, having transferred them to the Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute L.Sh. Kakimova.

           On the theme of the project "Akhmet Zhubanov. Kurmangazy "  of the section" Rhythm and movement " on 8 June, 2017 by the invitation of the course participants and representatives of  the CAU - Aga Khan Project "Human Studies"  , this seminar was attended and conducted by the master class of the Honored  Worker of the RK, Associate Professor of the Department of Music Education and Choreography Yerbolat Zh. Mustafayev performing Kazakh kuyas of folk and contemporary composers on the dombra ("Kishkentai" and "Kisen Ashkan " , "Kurmangazi,"2016 year " of Seitek, "Karazhan khanym" of Dauletkerei," Syrnaily "and" Kosbasar "of Tattimbet," Akku" of N.Tlendiyev, etc.).






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