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Opening of an audience named after M.Kh. Baltabayev - a teacher, a scientist, musician, organizer of the «Aigul» assembly


On October 25, 2019, at the Department of Music Education and Choreography of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, the grand opening of the audience named after Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Marat Khamitovich Baltabaev took place. This event was organized by the forces of graduates of the Faculty of Music and Pedagogy of 1994. The guests of honor were the spouse of Marat Khamitovich - Ekaterina Kozybaevna Baltabaeva, his daughter Aigul, brothers and sisters. Friends, colleagues, colleagues of M.Kh. Baltabaev made speeches in words, prominent scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan public figure, culturologist, candidate of philological sciences Murat Auezov, culturologist, doctor of historical sciences Marat Sambi, doctor of psychological sciences, professor ZhamilyaNamazbaeva, soloist of the vocal and instrumental ensemble «Aigul» doctor of pedagogical sciences Mensulu Dzheksembekova, colleague Associate Professor AliyaUmurzakova and many others.

The contribution of Marat Khamitovich to the leadership and organization of the musical and pedagogical faculty is enormous. In 1989, the department of «Music» that existed at the time of the PMPE was transformed into a faculty. Its first leader was Marat Khamitovich Baltabaev. Three departments were opened, which trained specialists in the Kazakh, Russian and Uyghur languages. At the origins were teachers A.A.Manaspaeva, Kyshkashbaev N.A. and M.V.Bykovskyh, A.I.Umurzakova, V.A.Lagodyne and others.

At the assembly hall of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Abai KazNPU a graduation concert was held by the graduates. A documentary film shot by his students «The Word about the Teacher» was shown. The concert was attended by graduates of different years - Ramazan Stamgaziev, Medeu Arynbaev, the soloist of the folklore and ethnographic ensemble «Konyr» Marhabbat Myktybekov, as well as a young team of dancers, led by a graduate of the faculty Gulbakhram Ibragimova and others.








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