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Workshop of a famous filmmaker


On November 3, 2019, at the Department of Music Education and Choreography of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports, a master class was held by the Master of Arts, a graduate of the New York Film Academy (NYFA), who studied under the Bolashak International Program, a multiple laureate and participant in international short film festivals, film director Dias Azimzhanov for 1st year students of OP 6V11102 «Leisure» in the framework of the discipline «History of theater and cinema».

During the work shop, the film «Ultio» (Vengeance) and the film «Interius» (Inside), which won various prizes at international film festivals, were shown. The guest talked about how his films were created, conducted an interactive lecture on cinematography techniques, the construction of drama and the implementation of acting and directorial tasks. Live communication with a famous filmmaker aroused genuine interest, a flurry of questions and emotions of students.





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