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Art exhibition in Germany


On November 27, 2019, the Heidelberg Higher Pedagogical School (Germany) hosted the opening of an art exhibition of creative works of teachers of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports of our university. The exhibition is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh enlightener, poet and thinker Abay Kunanbayev and the 50th anniversary of the opening of the art specialty of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports.


The exhibition was presented by the director of IACS professor Kozhagulov T.M., associate professor of the department of design Mikhailova N.A., and senior teacher of the department of philology and foreign languages Duiseshova K.T.


The exposition includes more than 30 works in graphic techniques, linoleum and watercolor engraving, as well as works of applied art - tapestry, jewelry, felt and chia products. The exhibition runs until January 2020.


The concept of an art exhibition is conceived as a phenomenon: the history of nomads - culture as a creative space - man as a creator.

This exhibition is an intersection of culture and art of artists-teachers of IACS, combining traditional and modern international art practices in a single dialogue of communication without borders.


The sense and visual context of the exhibition is focused on the nomadic heritage of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.









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