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Educational work at the Institute of Philology is a complex of large-scale activities carried out in parallel with the educational process.


The content of the educational process at the Institute of Philology is aimed at creating favourable conditions for personal and professional development of students, formation of professional and general cultural competences, such basic social and personal qualities as spirituality, morality, ability to creative self-expression, commitment to cultural values.


Directions of the educational process of the Institute:

І.  Implementation of the "Rukhani zhangiru" programme;

ІІ. National education and propaganda of Abay`s heritage;

IІІ. Increase of creative potential of youth;

IV. Improvement of student self-government system;

V.  Development of volunteer movement;

VI. Formation of entrepreneurial skills;

VII. Policy of academic honesty;

VIII. Development of mass sports;

IX. Social support of students;

Х. Psychological support of students;

XI. Holidays and significant events.


To increase the social activity of students in the Institute there are student clubs of interest: "Soztanym", "Tiltanym", "Creative Association named after Saken Seyfullin", international association "Kultegin", local history club "Actual problems of literary studies", Literary lounge "I discovered a poet...", "English Club", translation club "Rukhaniyat", "Chinese place".


Participation in student clubs provides many advantages: the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills, work in a team, the ability to set and achieve goals, the development of creative abilities, as well as an interesting and fun pastime.


Name of student clubs


Contact details of responsible persons



Bakbergenova Roza

 +7 701 753 0353


Scientific Circle "Kyzykty Grammatica"

Ilyasova Nagaima Abzelbekkyzy

+7 747 236 75 37


 Translation Club "Rukhaniyat"

Shengelbayeva Nurjamal

+7 701 227 62 21


«Chinese place»

Raieva Araylym, Meirkhan Symbat

+7 771 413 85 12

+7 708 832 39 08



Alibayeva Meruert

+7 707 777 3945


«English Club»

Nurbekova Gulzhaina Nurbekkizy

+7 747 195 19 25


Literary lounge

"I discovered the poet..."

Abisheva Saule Junusovna, Asylbekova Marina Sergeevna

+7 701 407 00 55 

+7 707 402 47 00


Local history club "Actual problems of literary studies" scientific club

Ibrayeva Zhanarka Bakibayevna

+7 747 257 63 79


International association "Kultegin"

Tanzharikova Alua Vasilievna, Kuttybayev Shokankhan

+7 776 888 88 07

+7 777 087 9059


Educational work plan for the 2023/2024 academic year