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Department of Kazakh Literature and Teaching Methods named after Academician S. Kirabaev
 Ospanov Edilbai Tolebaevich
Head of Department
Сandidate of philological sciences
13 Dostyk Ave.



The training of competitive teachers of the Kazakh language and literature, who are guided by the most important leading methods in the world trend, democratic education, the principles of personalized learning (personalization), deeply understand the role of the teacher, adapt national values ​ ​ to modern education.



The department will become a leading center for the training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature, young scientists in the direction of literary criticism of the new formation.


About the Department

The pulpit has almost a century of history. One of the first departments created at our university. Every year, in accordance with the direction of development of the university, the composition of the department was updated, sometimes united and underwent many changes. In the history of the development of the department, a special place is occupied by followers of Alash figures of past years, in particular: these are academician Serik Kirabayev, Nigmet Gabdullin, Nemat Kelimbetov, Serik Makpyrov. Today, teachers who have listened to lectures by these professors and teachers lead the department to new heights of development.

Since December 2023, the head of the department is the candidate of philological sciences, senior lecturer (graduate of the Bolashak program) Edilbay Tolebayuly Ospanov.


Teaching staff of the department: academician of the NAS RK-1; Doctors of Science -5; Candidates of Sciences -13; PhD - 3; masters of senior teachers -6.


Scientific and methodological achievements:


Winner of the basic research project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (heads: Ph.D., Professor Askarova G.S.). Winner of the scientific project of young scientists of the University (A.A. Naimanbaev). A passionate research project funded on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of Abai University (G.S. Karimov). Winner of the scientific project "500" within the framework of the program "Bolashak" (Tokchilova G.B.). Winners of the research project "Young Scientist" on grant funding for research of young scientists (head D.A. Satemirova, doctoral student D.Orynbaeva).


Teachers of the department are the authors of about 20 scientific monographs, more than 20 textbooks and teaching aids for universities, more than 10 teaching aids for universities, more than 200 school textbooks and teaching aids, more than 15 authors who published articles in journals indexed in scientific databases Web of Science and Scopus. About 100 authors of articles in journals included in the list of the Committee for Quality Assurance in the field of science and higher education of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, authors who received more than 10 patents and copyright certificates.


Student body: about 1,300 bachelors, more than 40 undergraduates and more than 20 doctoral students in pedagogical and humanitarian specialties are admitted to the department.


Classroom fund for the organization of the educational process of the department:

- 4 lecture halls equipped with ICT facilities;

- 10 classrooms equipped with panel boards;

- 1 computer class;

- 1 language class;

- 18 classrooms;


The training of personnel in three levels of education (bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral studies) is carried out in the following educational programs:


Bachelor degree


Doctoral studies

6V01701 - Kazakh language and literature

7M011701 - Kazakh language and literature

8D011701 - Kazakh language and literature

6V02301 - Philology

7M02301 - Philology

8D02301 - Philology


7M02308 - Literary criticism

8D02305 - Literary criticism


The benefits of training in our profession are:

- continuing education: bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral studies;

- study abroad in academic mobility;

- Active participation of online courses and educational events "Wisdom of Abai in the teachings of the" Holistic Person ";

- methodical training: future teachers will improve their professional skills at the professional support forum;

- be able to analyze works of art in the updated educational program on the project for students "Artistic Word - Education";

- Analysis of Kazakh literary materials using advanced methods in the methodological club of students "Heart of the School";