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Research work is carried out in the following key areas:
- individual research work solved within master`s and doctoral dissertations, in individual research of faculty members;
- scientific management of theses, master`s theses and doctoral dissertations, organisation of research work of students, master`s students and doctoral candidates;
- work on the general topic: "Preparing future teachers of primary education for the new generation school" and work to involve students, master`s and doctoral students in scientific research, the implementation of scientific research papers on the topics of course and diploma works, participation of students, master`s and doctoral students in scientific conferences;
- Participation of the teaching staff in the implementation of research projects financed by the grant of the Ministry of National Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Rector`s grant and participation in international project;
- Communication with the academic institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and similar universities in CIS countries, neighboring and far abroad. This direction is implemented through the establishment of links with other educational and research structures, conducting a pilot program of dual training, exchange of experiences and joint participation in various conferences, etc.

Assessment of the availability and implementation of scientific projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the degree of their compliance with the educational programmes of the departments in 2003.

There are 4 projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 internal projects. In two external projects of other universities teachers of the department take part: Amirova A.S., Tynyskhanova A.T.


Subjects of projects and supervisors:
1. AR14872058 Engaging future teachers of primary education to the national value through the creation of a mobile educational environment Supervisor. doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Aziya Yeleupanovna Zhumabayeva.
2. AP19680117 Development of neurodidactic content aimed at the development of intelligence of junior schoolchildren, project leader PhD Zhumabaeva Zh.A.
3. AP14871883 Training of professional activity of the future teacher through Hyflex technologies - Project leader Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Prof. Amina Amirova Slyamkhanovna
4. AP19576707 Formation of inclusive competence of future teachers with the help of Universal Design Learning (UDL) technology - Project leader PhD Umirbekova A.N.
5. Improvement of the system of pedagogical education in Kazakhstan in new conditions: technological and methodological aspects of formation of digital competences of future teachers in distance learning in the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhunusbekova A., project leader
6. Development of "soft skills" of future primary school teachers in the conditions of digital transformation of education. Supervisor - S.A. Nurzhanova.


The topics of the projects correspond to the profile and contribute to the development of the current EPs of the department.

On the general theme: "Training of future teachers of primary education for the school of new generation" 2 educational and methodical manuals and 3 monographs were prepared, tested, published and implemented in the educational process.

Participation in KazDual project - "Introduction of dual system in Kazakhstan" (reference to the project: EU 618835-EPP-1-2020-1-KZ-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP Term of implementation: 15.01.2021-14.01.2024) under the Erasmus+ programme. allowed to launch a pilot project of introduction of the model of dual education in the speciality "B003-Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education". The partner was the New Generation School NGS. For the first time the department developed approaches to industrial training and inclusion of students in the educational process, concluded tripartite contracts for a full cycle of training, opened the Observatory of dual education.

Within the framework of the scientific project AP14871883 "Ensuring the professional success of the future teacher through Hyflex (Hyflex) technology", funded by the SC MSHE RK, the opening of the training laboratory "Hyflex Class" took place at Abai University.


Annual report on research - 2023