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The international activities of the Department of Primary Education are aimed at organizing fruitful cooperation in the field of education with organizations from near and far abroad. This cooperation includes the expansion of international relations in the field of education and innovative technologies, academic mobility of teachers, students, undergraduates and doctoral students, participation in educational projects, speaking at scientific and scientific-practical seminars and conferences, organizing events to discuss current problems of primary education, publication of articles reflecting the direction of research of the department`s teaching staff, joint development of teaching materials.


For many years, the Department of Primary Education has been closely and fruitfully cooperating with universities near and far abroad, organizing joint events for students. The department has agreements concluded by the university with the Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia), Dagestan Pedagogical University (Makhachkala, Russia), Kazan Federal University (Russia), Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland), Moscow City Pedagogical University (Russia), Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University (Russia), Grodno State University named after. Ya.Kupaly (Belarus). Also, cooperation in the field of pedagogy and methods of primary education occurs without formalizing an agreement with the Perm State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University (Russia), Altai Social and Pedagogical University named after. V.M.Shukshina (Biysk, Russia).


As part of international cooperation, the department annually organizes and conducts competitions, round tables, pedagogical lounges, winter schools for students, at which teaching staff of the department and teachers of foreign universities, primary school teachers speak.