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The activities of the Center are aimed at research developmentand specialist trainingin the field of oral memory analysis. The main task of the laboratory is to organize and support academic resources that promote the use of oral data.

Oral memories of people allow you to get all sorts of information. The interviewing methodology, the questionnaire, the method of transcribing, the interpretation of materials largely depend on the original objectives of the study, which is based on one or another academic tradition. Methods for obtaining and analyzing interviews have many options. «Aitylgan tarikh»as a scientific direction makes it possible to interdisciplinary interaction, exchange of methods and approaches formulated in various scientific fields.

Activities of Scientific laboratory «Aitylgan tarikh»:
- recording and transcribing interviews;
- information support;
- the training of specialists;
- implementation of research projects;
- creating an archive of oral materials.


The main goal of Scientific laboratory «Aitylgan tarikh»:
- keep the memories of people of Kazakhstan through oral interviews and distribution of transcripts of oral history for researchers, students, and society as a whole;
- reveal new historical facts through the recollections of eyewitnesses or contemporaries of historical events of the past;
- create a fund of oral memories in the Central State Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan and periodically replenish it with the most important research materials;
- on the basis of the data center staff to conduct scientific - research work.

The main objectives of the Scientific laboratory are:
- implementation of research, expert - analytical, as well as training by training;
- organization to obtain additional professional education on oral history undergraduates, doctoral students, researchers and faculty members and persons interested in oral history;
- study and summary of national and international experience in the fields of research, held by the Centre;involvement in the research work of the Scientific-teaching staff and graduate students, doctoral students of Abai KazNPU, and persons interested in oral history;
- participate in the development of the university as a center of education, research - historical knowledge;
- organization of joint scientific - research activities with international organizations.