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Director of the scientific and practical laboratory "Latyn", Master of Arts Almas Bagdatovich Kyrykbaev.

st. Zhambyla, 25. Cab. 29, 31.

Tel.: 8 775 369 82 09


The scientific and practical center "Latyn" was created as an independent structural unit of the university. In 2022, it was renamed the Scientific and Practical Laboratory at the Scientific and Innovation Park "Abai LABS" of the Department of Science of Abai KazNPU. The main objectives of the laboratory "Latyn" are:


- Development of methodological foundations of training;

- Organization and testing of innovative forms and methods of mastering the new Kazakh alphabet and spelling, based on the Latin script;

- development of an effective, comprehensive, systematic methodology for teaching the alphabet;

- conducting experiments, disseminating, discussing, determining results.