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The Laboratory for Applied Research and Teaching Technologies in Physics (Laboratory) was established by order No. 1632-zh/k dated November 14, 2018 to solve problems related to the training of competent and competitive specialists, obtaining practically oriented results, and integrating science and education. "Laboratory" is a structural subdivision of the Scientific and Innovation Park Abai LABS, the Department of Science of NAO "Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University".


Main goals and tasks

- The activities of the "Laboratory" are associated with obtaining practically oriented results, the integration of science and education, and participation in project activities.

- Planning, organization, coordination and provision of scientific research. To carry out comprehensive research in the field of pedagogical sciences, including those related to the development of scientific, methodological and creative potential in the field of physics.

- Carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of physics and technology.

- Participation in competitions for grant financing of fundamental and applied scientific research on scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects and programs.

- Development and implementation in the field of education of the results of promising scientific research.

- Conducting educational, scientific and industrial Republican and International seminars, competitions, competitions, meetings and conferences.

- Carrying out activities on the image policy of the university and the implementation of promotional activities.

- Conducting and organizing dialogue platforms with the participation of representatives of business and the private sector.

- Cooperation with state, non-state, public and international organizations of foreign countries in the field of scientific research.

- Participation in personnel training and attraction of young specialists to participate in scientific activities. Carrying out work with talented youth.


The laboratory has unique equipment: laboratory facilities for the course of general physics (mechanics, molecular physics, electricity, optics, atomic physics); Educational-research complex UMKA - tunneling microscope, atomic force microscope. There are agreements with universities (University of Leipzig, Germany; KazNU named after al-Farabi), innovation and technical centers (Physical and Technical Faculty of KazNU), science parks involved in the implementation in production and commercialization of technologies of the structural unit.


The International Webinar "Creating Joint Modules in Educational Programs for Training Future Teachers" was held in Almaty, International Round Table: 1. The first round table "Problems of Teaching Physics at School: Innovative Ideas and Educational Programs". Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, January 15, 2019; Second Round table "Problems of teaching physics at school: innovative ideas and educational programs". Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, December 24, 2019; Third International Round Table "Problems of Teaching Physics at School: Innovative Ideas and Educational Programs" February 10, 2021.


On the basis of the laboratory in 2019, the following were carried out: one international project (together with the University of Leipzig), one project for grant funding of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AR05133342), one intra-university project of KazNPU named after Abai. In 2021: one project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AP09259248), 2020 - 2021 one intra-university project (Anomalous concentration gravitational convection with stable stratification of an isothermal multicomponent gas mixture) KazNPU named after Abai.


On the basis of the laboratory, acceleration in the field of scientific research of young researchers (undergraduates and doctoral students) is successfully carried out. Based on the results of this activity: 1st year doctoral student Kalimov A.B. became the owner of a KazNPU grant for the competition of scientific projects of young scientists and start-up projects (2019); 3-year doctoral student Zhusanbayeva A.K. became the owner of a travel grant (100% payment for all travel and overhead costs) of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and took part in the Summer School on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, 2021).


Articles have been published. 1. In 2019: 4 articles in journals with an impact factor, 3 articles in journals of CCSES RK, 2 articles in journals in foreign countries, 2 abstracts of scientific conferences published in the near abroad; In 2020: 4 articles in journals with an impact factor, 4 articles in the journals of the CCSES RK, 1 article in the near abroad, 1 article in the journals of the far abroad, 1 article in other journals of the RK, 1 thesis of a scientific conference published in the RK, 2 abstract of a scientific conference, published in the near abroad.


Laboratory staff took an active part in international conferences in 2019, 2020. In 2019, the following was developed and implemented in the educational process: mechanics 9 laboratory works; in 2020 Electricity and magnetism: 7 laboratory works.


The staff of the laboratory consists of the head of the laboratory, chief researcher, engineer.