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Open lessons on updated educational programs

On February 19, 2020, the senior teacher of the Department of Art Education of the Institute of Arts, Culture and Sports, Esenkeldy Kulzhabaev, held an open lesson on the topic of «Interfacing» for first-year students of group 13-1 of the specialty «Painting».

The event was attended by members of the commission of the educational part of the university and the faculty of the department. The main purpose of the lesson is to explain the features of the drawing using a specific creative method. Esenkeldy Kulzhabaev, using an interactive whiteboard, shared his methods and secrets of skill, showing himself to be an experienced teacher and artist. The open lesson was very interesting and informative.

The teacher of the same department, Shazhabayeva Zhanar, held an open lesson for first-year students of the specialty «6B01403-Visual art, artwork and design» in the subject «History and theory of visual art». The theme of this creative lesson is «The Art and Culture of Ancient Greece».

There were also teachers of the department and members of the commission of the educational department. During such lessons, using the methods of the updated educational program, each student is able to independently study, implement the basic requirements for obtaining education, and deeply, fully, systematically and consciously master knowledge. Such classes help students not only reveal their creative potential, but also develop a common culture: expand their worldview, increase vocabulary and communication skills, as well as arouse interest in other areas of the arts and human life as a whole.







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