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At the Chair of "Theories and techniques of Fine Arts and Decorative and applied arts " Institute of the Arts, Culture and Sports according to the schedule for the 2015/2016 academic year and the order of the Training Division of doctoral and masters who have passed scientific training, they presented their reports on the subject of their research.
2 Doctoral course specialty «6D010700- Arts and Drawing" Nebesaeva Zhanar passed scientific training at Siauliai University from 14.03.2016  untill 25.03.2016 (Lithuania, Siauliai); 2nd year course undergraduates of the  specialty "6M041600 - Arts" Turumbetova Meruert, Okhanova Yryskul, Sarsenbieva Arailym, Imanbakiev Ernat from  02.04.2016 untill 11.04.2016 at the Institute of Culture and Art educology Lithuania Educology University (Lithuania, Vilnius); 2nd year course  undergraduates majoring "6M010700- Arts and Drawing" Karabekova Akbayan, Erkebayeva Amina during scientific training at the Novosibirsk State University (Russia)  from 01.06.2015 till  30.12.2015 year.

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