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Our students successfully performed at the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sambo


From 26 to 29 November 2021 in Taldykorgan, the championship of Kazakhstan among youth under 23 years was held. In total, 350 wrestlers in 10 weight categories took part in the competition. Among them are students of our university.


Students of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports - Abenova Arailym (+80 kg, 4th year), Kairatovna Anel (65 kg, 2nd year), Elubai Gulsum (54 kg, 1st year) and Kenesary Aruzhan (72 kg, 1st year) - became the winners and fulfilled the standard of the Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The rest of our wrestlers - Zhorabek Ersultan (+98 kg, 4th year), Kaisarbay Arys (98 kg, 3rd year), Ayupova Guzel (50 kg, 3rd year) - each won a silver medal in their respective categories.



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