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Begalieva Nurgul Useinkyzy



Begalieva Nurgul Useinkyzy graduated from Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov in 1998 with a degree in social pedagogy, from 2003 she worked as a junior researcher in the laboratory "self-knowledge" of the Kazakh State Institute of women`s pedagogy. In 2006, she graduated from graduate school at the Kazakh State Institute of women`s pedagogy in Almaty with a degree in pedagogical psychology.

By the decision of the committee for control in the field of Education and science of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 16, 2011 (Protocol No. 5), he was awarded the degree of candidate of psychological sciences (ҒК №0005816).

Begalieva Nurgul Useinkizi  has more than 70 scientific articles.



Educational Institution


Graduation Date

Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov in speciality «Social Pedagogy»

«Practical psychologist» and «Social worker»


Postgraduate study of the Kazakh State Women`s Pedagogical Institute

19.00.07. -

Pedagogical psychology




Name of academic degree

Field of science

Date of issue of diploma

Candidate of psychological sciences


16.06. 2011.



Bachelor`s degree: Medical psychology, Personality psychology, Developmental psychology, Prevention of mental health of students.


SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY - research topics, number of publications. Research topic: "Psychological conditions for the development of cognitive abilities of teenagers  brought up in Children Home".

1. "Адамзат ақыл-ойының қазынасы" in 10 volumes. Psychology. Volume I. L.S. Vygotsky. Cultural and historical concept. Publishing house" Taimas". - Almaty, 2005.28.8 pp.. 462 p.

(Co-authors: N.U. Begalieva., I.A. Abeuova., M.K. Bapaeva., S.T. Bapaeva., K.U. Shaizhanova.).

2. Kazakh-Russian, Russian-Kazakh terminological dictionary.  Publishing house Corporation "КАЗақпарат" Almaty, 2014 - pp. 507. (31.8 pp.).

3. Features of the child`s personality development in a situation of maternal deprivation. Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. International Forum «Social Support of Children and Youth - the Foundation of Prosperous and Prosperous-Society».  December 4-5, 2013. Tashkent - 2013.

4. Effects of cognitive deprivation in orphaned adolescents. Bulletin of  "Kainar" University. 4/1 edition. Almaty "Kainar" UN, 2010

5. Psychological Causes of deprivation disorders in adolescents brought up in orphanages. Bulletin of kazNU, series of Psychology and sociology. Almaty №3 (34) 2010. Almaty: Kazakh University.


SCIENTIFIC AND METHODOLOGICAL ACTIVITY - research topics, number of publications. Research topic: The role of art therapy in maintaining students  mental health.

1. Application of sand therapy in the context of developing creative abilities. Bulletin Of KazNWTTU, №4 (80) 2019.

2. The essence and characteristic features of body-oriented therapy. Bulletin of Abai KazNPU. №2 (51), 2017.

3. Fairy-tale therapy and the role of the unconscious in the process of psychotherapeutic influence. KazNU Bulletin, psychology and sociology series. № 4 (51) 2014.

4. Consideration of the concept of emotion in Psychological Science. KazNU Bulletin, Psychology and sociology series. № 1 (52) 2015.

5. The role of fairy-tale therapy in the development of personal qualities of children. International scientific method on the topic" fundamental and applied scientific research: actual problems, achievements and developments".conf. - Almaty, 2023. Kainar Academy.



1. "Badge of Honor" in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Kazakh State Women`s Pedagogical University 09/02/2014 No. 339
2. Certificate of Honor (in honor of the holiday of teachers for active participation in educational work and public life of the University). Almaty, 2023
3. For active participation in the educational and social life of the university and on Teacher`s Day, she was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the rector of the university. Almaty, 2023.
4. On the International Day of Psychologists, the RPA was awarded the medal "Best Psychologist - 2023" from the "Kazakh Psychological Society" and the scientific and practical center of psychology "Resource Academy". No. 00171. October 25, 2023



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