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University structure

Council on Research Ethics at the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai


The composition of the Research Ethics Council was approved by Rector`s Order No. 05-04/340 dated 03.05.2023.

1. Chairman of the Council: Buribayev Ermek Abiltaevich - Vice-Rector for Research, Doctor of Law, Professor;

2. Deputy Chairman of the Council: Abdigapbarova Ulzharkyn Muslimovna - Director of the Department of Science, PhD, Professor;

3. Executive Secretary: Ainakulova Aigerim Mazhitovna - Master of Humanities.


Members of the Council:

4. Tumenbayev Sabyr Ashirbaevich - Head of the Anti-corruption Compliance Service;

5. Berdyshev Abdumauvlen Suleymanovich - PhD, Professor (mathematics);

6. Natalia Nikolaevna Khan - PhD, Professor (pedagogy);

7. Kokebaeva Gulzhauhar Kakenovna - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Research Professor (history);

8. Sagimbayeva Ainur Esengazievna - PhD, Professor (Computer Science);

9. Aidarbayeva Doktorkhan Kaysarbekovna - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (Biology);

10. Yesenova Kalbike Omirbayevna - Doctor of Philology, Professor (Philology kaz.);

11. Begalieva Saule Bayazovna - PhD, Professor (Philology Rus.);

12. Simtikov Zhomart Kudaibergenovich - Doctor of Political Science, Professor (Political Science);

13. Tuyakov Esenkeldy Alybaevich - PhD, Associate professor (methods of teaching M.F.I);

14. Baymbetova Gulzada Aitzhanovna - Ph.D. (Physics);

15. Chinibayeva Nurzhan Sarsenbayevna - Candidate of Chemical Sciences (Chemistry);

16. Laiskhanov Shakhislam Uzakbaevich - PhD doctor (geography);

17. Kosherbayev Zhanbolat Asetovich - PhD doctor (music).


Regulation on the Research Ethics Council (download here)


The working procedure of the Research Ethics Council: meetings of the Council are held upon receipt of applications.


List of necessary documents for obtaining the opinion of the Research Ethics Council:

- statement addressed to the Chairman of the Council (download here).

- doctoral dissertation, research project /or other scientific work;

- reviews of scientific consultants /scientific supervisors;

- the conclusion of the department (structural unit) where the dissertation or research project / or other scientific work has been completed.


Documents for consideration by the Council are accepted at least 5 working days before the meeting.


The meetings of the Council are held in an offline format with the obligatory presence of the authors of dissertations.