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Bukeshova Saltanat Syrlybekovna



Bukeshova Saltanat Syrlybekovna in 2020 graduated from Taraz Regional University named after M.Kh.Dulaty (former Taraz State University named after M.Kh. Dulaty) with a degree in «5B050300-Psychology», in 2022 received a master`s degree in social sciences from Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi with a degree in «7М03125-Psychology». Bukeshova Saltanat Syrlybekovna is a young specialist who begins his career on the pedagogical path, the owner of several scientific articles and prizes of conferences



Educational Institution


Graduation Date

Dulati University «5B050300-Psychology»

Bachelor of Social Knowledge


Master`s degree in «7M03125- Psychology» of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi

Master of Social Sciences




Name of academic degree

Field of science

Date of issue of diploma

Master of Social Sciences


1.07. 2022.


TEACHING DISCIPLINES (list by level of training)

Bachelor`s degree:  Psychology (module), Psychology in Education (Minor).


SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY - research topics, number of publications (indicate 5 significant). Research topic: «Psychological features of the formation of the national worldview of preschoolers», «Psychological influence (effect) of mandal therapy in the development of the value orientation of adolescents»

1. «Meaning of Life» XXIV International Symposium Psychological Problems of Life and AKME material of the Third Kazakhstan Youth Section. ISBN 978-601-298-802-4. Almaty-Moscow, 2018. -C. 168-169. (co-author: R.K. Kerimbayeva)

2. «The use of asyk therapy in distracting preschoolers from gadgets»,KazNPU named after Abay No. 2 of the Scientific and Methodological Journal PEDAGOGY and PSYCHOLOGY. Almaty, 2020.-S. 243-249 (co-author: R.K. Kerimbayeva)

3. «Theoretical aspects of the psychological significance of improving the emotional state of adolescents through Mandala therapy of the national ornament» Materials of the international conference «Problems of the quality of modern education and Rouhani zhangyru - orientation to the future» University Bulletin Kainar, No. 4/3-2020. ISSN 2226-1052. Almaty, 2020. - p. 13-16 (co-author: N.K. Toksanbaeva)

4. «Theoretical aspects of the impact on the emotional state of adolescents using mandalotherapy of the national ornament» Bulletin KazNPU named after Abai, series "Psychology," No. 1 (70) 2022 (co-authors: Buyembaeva S.B. ,Salimbaeva S.O., Abdrakhmanova A.T.)

5. «The use of Kazakh mandals in improving the emotional state of adolescents» Materials of the international scientific and practical conference «New opportunities for pedagogical science in Kazakhstan: breakthroughs in education and education», dedicated to the 112th anniversary of the birth of T. Tazhibaev (February 23, 2022), Almaty. -C. 256-259 (joint: N.K. Toksanbaeva)


SCIENTIFIC AND METHODOLOGICAL ACTIVITY - research topics, number of publications (indicate 5 significant).



1.Certificate: issued that she underwent training in body-oriented therapy as part of advanced training on the topic «Harmony of the soul and body», 16 hours (2017)

2.Certificate: Issued for participation in psychological training on the topic: «Interpretation of dreams. Psychoanalysis technique» Number of hours: 16 (2018)

3.Certificate: advanced training course «Integrative psychological correction of crisis states» at the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University, 72 hours (2022)



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